Artisan Argentina 

Artisan Argentina arises as an initiative aimed to promote Argentine artisan work in Switzerland with a careful selection of high-quality, hand-crafted products.

We prioritize products coming from economically-weak areas and which are of high cultural value to Argentina, to support the development of vulnerable sectors, creating sustainable business opportunities. With this initiative, we intend to promote human dignity from a genuine source of work in the context of a cultural exchange between Argentina and Switzerland.

Desk Pads


The bags we offer are 100% Argentine leather, handcrafted in Province of Buenos Aires. Design, colors, and the manufacturers’ love of leather, results in the different model bags available. With your purchase, you contribute so that today twelve people and families can directly support their source of work and give work to their neighbors, especially important in this pandemic situation.


Simple and functional design, 100% Argentine leather, an excellent option to protect and give an elegant touch to your desk. When buying these leather pads, you additionally support a community dining room in the workers neighborhood, in the province of Buenos Aires.


A textile entrepreneurship created during the pandemic by a group of women in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They dream to generate opportunities for their families and neighbors. This is the spirit of the aprons with a comfortable and functional design that fits everyone, unisex, in two colors: blue and green.


Cushions, carpets, blankets…all products are made in north-west Argentina, with completely hand-crafted processes, using spindles to spin the wool, and weaving-looms to weave them. The products are made under fair trade standards. When buying these products, you contribute towards sustaining the work of 120 families at their site of origin, doing what they have learnt to do since generations.

Artisan Argentina catalogue  

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